defer checkClose

The defer keyword is one of those little features that makes Go such a great language, and makes the life of Go developers easier. defer schedules a function call to execute right before the innermost enclosing function returns. It is somewhat similar to the try/finally construct in Java. Once a function call is deferred, it is guaranteed to execute, regardless of the path execution takes upon exitting out of the enclosing function, including panics. Read On →

My journey to Go (stories in a PhD student's life)

Prologue: The Academic Mindset

Not that long ago, as I was working towards my doctorate, I spent a significant amount of time writing, benchmarking and optimizing distributed systems in various ways, shapes and forms.

These distributed systems were prototype implementations of whatever algorithm or protocol my team and I were working at the time. Our goal was simple: show that the algorithm is better (read: faster) than their closest competitors, figure out by how much, explain why, and publish a conference paper with our findings.

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My Amateur Radio Hardware

I finally decided to write about my ham radio setup. This is a blog post I promised in a tweet a long time ago:

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